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Explorer Yachts is the innovative line of yachts from the new Lombardo LOY S.r.l. shipyard, based in Carrobbio degli Angeli in the province of Bergamo, not far from Lake Iseo, where high craftsmanship and nautical tradition have deep historical roots.

German finance* and Italian creativity* joined their forces to offer a new nautical product to the market.

Research and development as a pillar of the company's strategy, driven by an unconditional love of the sea, our mission is to build new yachts that have to meet three key requirements:

• Maximum safety 

• Innovation to enhance on-board comfort 365 days a year 

• Modern and elegant design combined with functionality and customisation

* Founder Riccardo Radice (former owner of Sessa Marine shipyard), over 20 years in the industry, 10 Best Boat Award Design worldwide, over 10,000 boats sold in 94 countries.

* Owner financing partners of Nürnberg Leasing in Nuremberg. In addition to injecting capital into the company they offer financial services and credit to owners and distributors of the new brand.

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Introduction by the founder RICCARDO RADICE


My whole life in the nautical sector. 

My great passion for boating always motivated me to involve and convey this feeling to as many people as possible. 

My mission has always been to satisfy customers by helping them to live in environments that are desired and dreamed by them, as my training as an architect taught me. 

In all these years I have realised that the biggest obstacle keeping potential sea lovers away from sailing is SAFETY. That fundamental and indispensable feeling of being relaxed at all times and in all weather conditions. 

The nautical sector, fascinating and attractive, is little known to most people and the sea remains a dangerous place for many. This is why I have decided to put 'SAFETY' at the forefront of my new projects. 

Explorer 62, the first new addition to the Explorer range, is a project that has evolved over 3 intense and fruitful years of study and research. 

Everything has been thought out and designed to keep the initial promise: MAXIMUM SAFETY. 

Like a big explorer ship, the new Explorer 62 can navigate in all seas and under any weather conditions, making its guests feel safe and comfortable, every single day of the year.

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